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Location inspiration for a photo shoot when you’re not sure where to pick

When it comes to having a photo shoot, choosing a location is an important part of the planning process. Where you have it will dictate the whole mood of the shoot, not only because of what or where it is, but because of how you feel being in that space, too. Where you choose to have your photos taken is as open and wide as your imagination. If it’s within practical means of you and your photographer, easily accessible, or you have permission to go there, then the world is your oyster! So, here’s my location inspiration for a photo shoot when you’re unsure where to go.

Somewhere with meaning

As much as I could suggest a particular park, beach, or wood for your shoot, if it doesn’t mean that much to you, then it’s unlikely the photos will mean much to you either. 

Think about some spaces near you that you love. Maybe it’s your kids favourite playground, where they often spend their time playing. It could be a favourite brunch spot you go to every weekend. Or perhaps the place you and your other half went to for your first date. 

These are some ideas to get you thinking about special places that mean something to you. 

But why? Well, if you’re in a place that holds fantastic memories for you, or it’s a place you feel exceptionally comfortable, then I guarantee your photographs are going to look amazing. You’ll be happy, confident and relaxed, and that will come through in your pictures.

Your home

For some, going out somewhere for photos can seem like hard work. So, where else are you likely to feel more comfortable and happy than in your own home?

Your home shows your true personality because it’s a space you’ve decorated and made to feel like yours. There are all the elements of you and your family: favourite books, clothes, toys, pictures on the walls, and paintings and drawings stuck to the fridge. 

If you want something that shows bags of personality and total comfort, a shoot at home is a great choice.

London Tourist Spot

You could make your photo shoot an excuse to have a day out, or even making a long weekend of it with a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.

Choosing somewhere like London gives you tons of scope for different areas and backdrops. And you get to finally check some of those places off your bucket list. Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square are all in easy reach of each other. 

Do bear in mind that, by definition of them being tourist spots, they’re likely to be pretty busy, so that could make for some interesting photographs! I recommend planning an early shoot in these areas, to reduce the chances of big crowds as much as possible.

OFF THe Beaten Track

Whether you’re in London or any neighbouring towns and cities, you can always step off the beaten track a little bit too. 

There are some beautiful hidden mews in the city if you’d like some quirky, pretty buildings in the background. A wander around Kensington guarantees pretty alleyways full of flowers and glorious buildings. 

Maybe you know a favourite cafe hidden away that you love to visit. We could take photos of you over cups of steaming coffee and wedges of cake while you watch the world go by. 

For something a little different, the graffiti splashed across the walls around Shoreditch are always a lot of fun. Pretty colours, exciting designs and some beautiful light are all you need for fun, quirky portrait photos.

The Beach

Of course, the beach does make for an excellent spot for photos. You can wander along the sand dunes or the shore as the waves roll in while rolling up your trousers and getting your feet wet. Or camp out in front of the colourful beach huts as you happily munch on ice cream (or a portion of chips!) for some fun photos.

The Countryside

We’re so lucky to have some of the most beautiful countryside here in Kent and the South East. So why not make that your location of choice?

Choose some flower fields for glorious colours, which are sure to put a smile on your face. Or what about a trip to one of the local Pick Your Own farms? Pictures of your sticky-fingered kids as they pick and munch the strawberries will give you so many happy memories every time you look at the photos.

Whatever you decide, I am here for it all. Portraits and family photo shoots in Kent and the South East London borders mean you’ve got all these locations to choose from and more. Just get in touch so we can get you booked in and start planning!

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