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The Best Photography Tips for Introverted People So You Can Have Family Photos Too

The idea of having photographs taken when you’re a classic introvert can feel like one of the worst things possible. You also recognise that getting photographs taken with your family is an experience you can’t miss, even if you struggle with being in front of the camera. But a photo shoot doesn’t just have to be for the extroverts of the world. You can have a beautiful photo shoot with your family, too. Here are my photography tips for introverted people to help you tackle your fears.

STart with Why

Above all else, having photographs taken with your family provides you with pictures just for you. That, in itself, is an important reason to face your fears and step in front of my camera.

I put a lot of care and attention into the experience of the actual photo shoot. It’s a valuable experience for you and your family to have. Spending time with your family is precious time. Actually making the time to gather together gives you much more than some pretty pictures. There are the memories you’ll have, as well as appreciating that time you’ve taken out of your busy lives to spend an afternoon together.

And yes, there’s the end result to consider. Gorgeous photographs and prints that you can put into albums or frame and put up around your home. Every time you look at those photographs, you’ll remember the fun and happy time you had with your family whilst having your photos taken.

Ultimately, by focusing on why you’re doing a family photo shoot in the first place, it can be a little easier to step outside the comfort zone to do it.

Create Comfort

There’s no reason why you can’t pick a place for your photo shoot that makes you feel more comfortable. If being out and about in public makes you feel nervous or stresses you out, then why not have a shoot in your own home? There’s nothing quite like home to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

If you do want to get out and about, I’d recommend choosing a quiet or secluded area for photos. Public spaces are bound to get busy at some point, especially if the surroundings are pretty and it’s a lovely day. So, avoid the stress of all eyes on you by planning a shoot early, where you can avoid the crowds. This works exceptionally well in city locations.

Decide on a time of day for your photo shoot that works best for you and your family’s energy levels. If you’re a morning kind of crowd, then that’s when we’ll meet. Or if you prefer afternoon or evening times, then we can make that work too. 

The best thing you can do is be open and upfront with your photographer from the very start. Let them know you’re an introvert, explain the situations that you find stressful or difficult to deal with. And then trust your photographer to make suggestions and plans that take this into account. As your photographer, all I want to do is make you feel happy, comfortable and confident when having your photographs taken. It always makes for much lovelier pictures for you!

What i do

I absolutely recognise that not all families want to run about and go crazy for photographs. Some families are quieter or more introspective, and that’s fine. I always aim to reflect you and match your energy. I can be quiet too! We’ve got plenty of time together on a photo shoot. We’ll be spending around 2 hours together, and I won’t be taking pictures the entire time. We’ll walk, talk and take breaks when you need them. I’ve designed the whole process to feel as painless and enjoyable as possible. 

Truth be told, I can totally relate because I’m a complete introvert too! I’ll always be outgoing when I need to be, and I do love the buzz of the city. But, despite that, I 100% recognise that noise and overstimulating environments can sap my energy. So, please don’t ever feel you can’t do something like this because of your introversion. I understand it more than you could know. And that means I’ll do everything I can to make it as wonderful an experience for you as possible.

If you’re ready to take the leap and get some stunning family photos, then get in touch and let’s start making plans.

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