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I'm Jodi, a portrait and family photographer based in south-east England, working mainly in London, Surrey and Kent. I'm an extroverted introvert & home body, who is a natural observer and people person all rolled into one. I live in Kent / SE London borders with my husband, daughter and rather demanding cat Figaro. 

Your photographs will be shot on location - which is just photographer-speak saying that your shoot will take place either in your home, or at an outdoor space that you love. 

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Hi, I’m Jodi. Nice to meet you.

I'm a portrait photographer based in SE London. I studied Fine Art in my home town of Johannesburg before moving to the UK over a decade ago. I planned to stay a year, and I loved the UK so much that I never left.

I'm the girl who hates small talk but loves to chat about what really matters most to you. My family and a happy home are two of the most important things to me. I certainly don't have the loudest voice in the room, but I don't believe you need that to be heard. 

A creative at heart, I've tried my hand at so many art forms that I've lost count. Photography originally appealled to me because it was creative and technical all rolled into one neat package. I love the process of taking photos, and how the end result becomes so much more than light and tones captured in a light-tight box. It fascinates me that photography can translate a feeling into a tangible form with a single click.  

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