family portraits

What’s my approach to family portraits?

Family portrait sessions with me are mostly candid, often conversational, with some posing guidance along the way. You don't ever need to know 'what to do' at any point in your session, I'll guide you throughout our time together.

At the start of our shoot I'll encourage interaction using ice breaker exercises. Once we get into the flow of things, our session should feel less like a photoshoot, and more like hanging out with a friend who happens to have a camera.

I'll scout out the best light and we'll take some pictures of you in your favourite spaces at home before heading outdoors for some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Along the way, you might want to stop to switch clothes, grab a snack or change a nappy! It's all good; there is always breathing room factored into our time together.

At no point should you feel like you're straining to pose or having to 'say cheese'. The most important thing is that you're relaxed enough so that I can capture your precious relationships as they are at this moment.


"I love every single one of the photos. It was fun just hanging out and giving the girls our full attention for a long time. They appreciated that we were full on paying then attention and playing with them for all that time and this showed in the photos"


"My biggest fear was how our little son would be on the shoot and if we would be able to have some beautiful family pictures. Jodi radiates warmth and happiness, this beautiful aura made our son comfortable to be himself. Jodi has an excellent eye to quickly catch expressions, she is very focused and we have many beautiful photos, I need not have worried - we have a lovely story of our time in the park to look back at when he is older."


"My favourite part of the shoot was how our son was so anamoured with you and your camera. He sees me with a camera and he runs a mile, with you he was just so fascinated and gave you his best mega watt smile."