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How To Get Your Home Ready For A Family Photoshoot

How many times have you looked at a beautiful family portrait on Instagram or Pinterest and wondered how your home could ever look that good? Well, here’s some excellent news for you. Because I’m betting those homes look just like yours most of the time. Lived in, noisy, a little messy, chaotic even. That’s family life, after all! But your home can look as good for your family photos with some fast and easy planning and preparation. Here’s how to get your home ready for a family photoshoot in a few quick steps.


Some of my clients worry that their homes are too small or not pretty or tidy enough for a family photoshoot. But you don’t need to “Marie Kondo” the entire house to get those pictures that spark joy!

I typically focus my sessions in a few rooms. Your lounge or main living area, the main bedroom and nursery space, if you have one. I look for places where you can all cuddle up together, on the bed or sofa, and where there are large windows letting lots of beautiful light in. 

If you have another room in mind, do chat with me about it and I can advise you on whether it will work for your photos or not. 


You may be tempted to switch on all the lights and lamps, but I prefer it if you turn them all off! Natural lighting works best, especially if you have spaces with large windows letting lots of delicious light in. Natural light is soft and is so flattering. So, lights off, please! 

If you have any furniture blocking a big window, it’s worth moving it before the shoot to allow more of that glorious light in.


When it comes to family life, clutter is probably the most significant issue in any home. So, it’s worth spending some time before we begin to clear away the obvious bits! 

Think about those everyday items, such as bins, clothes airers and laundry baskets, that you might not want in the background of your photos. 

I’m betting your house is no different to mine, and there’s probably a “dumping corner” somewhere, isn’t there? Give that a quick tidy up, clearing out the junk mail and pizza menus, or popping them in a drawer. And in those main rooms I mentioned earlier, do a walk around before I arrive to clear any surfaces of things that don’t usually live there. 


There’s no shame in having a slightly messy, lived-in home. That’s part of being a family! And I actually think it’s lovely to show a little bit of that natural “chaos” instead of pristine Instagram-perfect photographs, don’t you agree?

Are you ready to get those beautiful family photographs you’ve always dreamed of? Even with a little family clutter on show? Then we should talk! Get in touch and let’s get that space on your wall filled with fun family photos full of love.

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