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How to Prepare for Your Outdoor Photo Shoot

When you think about a photo shoot, whether it’s for you, with your partner or your family, the first thing that’ll spring to mind is where to have it done. A lot of my clients’ shoots take place outside. There’s a real love of including nature, lots of trees, flowers and greenery or the changing seasons as part of your backdrop, for example. But there’s more to it than choosing where it should take place. Keep reading to find out exactly how to prepare for your outdoor photo shoot.

First, there’s where

Since I’ve already mentioned it, I might as well talk about location first of all. It’s a major factor when planning your outdoor photo shoot, of course! 

My main piece of advice to you, when choosing a location for your shoot, is to start with thinking about places that have special meaning to you. Whether it’s a place you and your partner used to go when you were dating or a particular spot your little one loves, when a place has a special meaning it makes it all the more wonderful to capture on camera.

Locations are only limited by your imagination! There’s the beach. A favourite picnic spot. It might even be a local tea shop that you love to stop in for a Sunday cuppa together. Have a chat with your partner and family and see what suggestions they come up with.

We can then use this as a starting point and move on to whatever is nearby for some variety.

Newborn family photos, Kent photographer

Then, there’s what to wear

I’ve written a whole post about what to wear for family shoots but here are my top tips for choosing what to wear for an outdoor shoot.

First, think about the practicalities of a shoot outside. What time of year is it? What’s the weather doing? Is it hot or cold out? Dress for the occasion and for the time of year. And also think about things like wellies for little ones if it’s wet out. Jumping in puddles always makes for great photos!

I’d always recommend wearing something you feel comfortable in. And that goes for little ones as well. If your daughter isn’t a frilly dress or pink bow kind of girl, then don’t make her wear those things! No one needs to be wearing their “Sunday best”. Just something you feel comfortable and like yourself in. I’m a fan of my favourite jeans and something yellow!

You don’t all need to be matching either. Aim for outfits that complement each other so you can tell you’re a family, but avoid the same look for everyone as it can start to look a bit cheesy!

Finally, what to bring

Being outdoors, you likely won’t be too close to home, so it’s worth throwing some supplies into a bag and bringing it along with you. Don’t worry, the bag can stay near me while I’m shooting, so you’ll look perfectly prepared, without all the extra mess around you!

My recommendations include: 

  • A blanket to sit on 

Choose a pattern or colour that you love and complements what you’re wearing.

  • An easy change of clothing

Such as a layer you can pull over what you’re already wearing, or a hat, scarf or jacket to change up your look. Also, for little ones that might have accidents, some spare undies and a fresh pair of bottoms is a good idea!

  • Healthy snacks for the kids (and you too!)

I don’t know about you, but I really get hangry when I haven’t eaten in a while (about 5 minutes, according to my husband!). So, I always recommend bringing something that’s not full of sugar as running around after kids on a sugar high with a heavy camera can get pretty hard work! And no one wants to deal with the angry sugar crash, do they? However, there’s nothing wrong with offering a sugary treat for the end of the shoot, if that helps!

  • Wellies or a light coloured umbrella

For if it looks like rain. We’ll totally embrace it and get some rainy shots before we search for cover!

  • Your pet 

They’re part of the family too, right? If it’s practically possible, I’m always happy to include pets in the family shoot.

  • Finally, bring a spring in your step and a smile on your face 

A winning combo for fun, happy photographs of you all!

Remember – you don’t need to know what to do. That’s my job, and I’ll guide you through the entire session. And, if you have questions, ask! I’m always happy to help.

Are you ready to embrace an outdoor photo shoot? Then get in touch and let’s start planning!

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