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How to Prepare for a Personal Branding Shoot

The key to any successful photo shoot is in the planning. A personal branding session is no different. It’s even more important because the photographs I give you are going to represent you, your brand and your business. It doesn’t have to be complicated or scary, though. Read on to find out how to prepare for a personal branding shoot.

Getting Primped

These photographs are going to be representing you and your business. You’ll want to look like the best version of you in every shot! 

It’s worth scheduling in time to get your hair and makeup done before the session, if that’s your thing. I booked in my regular haircut the day before having my headshots taken. It meant I had one less thing to think about.

You don’t have to book a makeup artist for your shoot, though. But if you do want to wear some makeup for your photographs, make sure you give yourself plenty of time beforehand to apply it. I’d always recommend sticking with a simple look. Don’t overdo it or completely change how much you’d usually use. Aim for the most polished version of your everyday look. Also, do bring your lippy to the shoot for any touch-ups!

What to Wear

A smart trick that’ll give you plenty of photographs to use for months to come is to have a few different outfits for the session. It means you won’t look like you’re always wearing the same thing in all your photos! I recommend bringing two or three options, aiming for a different look and feel with each outfit.

Adding or taking away layers, with something like a jacket or a scarf, is a quick and easy way of achieving a change of look, too.

It’s important to wear outfits that are appropriate to your role for these photographs. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you don’t need to bother with a suit! Wear what you would typically wear when working with clients.

If you’re unsure about what to wear, do get in touch with me. I’ll be more than happy to go through clothing ideas with you.

Choosing a Location

Locations are usually dependent on what it is you do. For example, if you work in an office, using your regular office space would be a good option. You could also consider a studio space or a favourite spot you go to co-work. 

Outdoor spaces are also worth thinking about. If your brand is very nature-related, a walk in the woods or a favourite park would be a great backdrop. And if you work in the city, a shoot in the streets of London would be a great way to highlight the city you work in. 

Do remember outdoor locations are more reliant on the fickle nature of our English weather, though! So, have some indoor locations in mind as a backup. 

Not Just a Headshot

There are only so many photographs you’re going to want of you looking at the camera or looking to one side or smiling or not smiling. The point of a personal branding shoot is that you show more than just your face. This is your brand! I also like to capture images of you working or of your products. 

I recommend bringing along some of the usual tools of your trade. So, things like a yoga mat, a laptop, a notebook, your camera, even a calculator! Think about how you could represent what you do with some small items that I can photograph you using.

Leave Your Worries at Home

One of the biggest worries people express about a personal branding shoot is that they don’t know what to do. They worry about how to pose in front of the camera. As your photographer, I am more than happy to reassure you that you don’t need to know these things. Guiding you through that process is 100% my job!

I’ve been in front of the camera on several occasions. I guarantee I know exactly how you’re feeling. I get that worry about not knowing how to stand. And even I sometimes don’t know what to do with my hands! So, please do trust me to help you through this process. I’ll make sure you get beautiful shots that represent you and your brand perfectly. Stick with me. I’ve totally got you! 

Now we’ve talked through what’s needed, are you ready to book your personal branding shoot? Hit the link and get in touch now. I can’t wait to get planning with you!

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