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How to prepare for your newborn photo session


Our shoot should feel like hanging out with a friend who happens to have a camera. We’ll have a chat, while I scout out great light and guide you throughout your entire session. Do tell me if there is something specific which you would like me to include in your images. My loose rule of thumb for your images is to include different combinations of family members, closeups of baby and wide shots of the space that we are shooting in. Newborns don’t like to be rushed, so I always allow plenty of time for baby to be changed, fed or soothed during your session.


The easiest way to plan your clothing for your photoshoot is to start with one item of clothing that you love – it could be for you, baby or your partner. Then base all the other clothing within the same colour palette. So for example if Mum is wearing a floral dress in pink, blue and white, then all other family members will wear these colours too. The idea is that you all look visually co-ordinated but not too perfectly matched. I’m happy to help with clothing options beforehand – feel free to send a few pictures through of ideas, or give me a call so we can chat things through.


I won’t be posing your baby in a basket, or wrapping your sweet little one up in anything other than your arms. When it comes to posing, simply put, that is 100% my job, you don’t need to know what to do at any point. My approach is mostly using verbal direction, as well as using prompts (a bit like ice breaker exercises). I want you to feel comfortable throughout and at the same time capture great angles, where I can see expression and emotion, beautifully.

Newborn sessions at home

newborn photos at home, kent photographer

If we are shooting in your home, I generally will look for space with the best light. Often that’s an area where your family can cosy up together – a sofa, your bed or near a window.

Your space doesn’t need to be perfect, believe me I totally get that life with a newborn doesn’t leave you with tons of spare time. But I do suggest that clutter / non sentimental items are cleared from bedside tables to give us a clear area where the visual focus is on you and baby. Smaller spaces aren’t a problem at all – I am used to shooting in homes in all shapes and sizes.

I’d suggest you have a couple of blankets to hand – perhaps with different colours or textures. These can be really lovely to incorporate into your shoot.

Pets can also be included in your session if you wish. These guys are part of your family and if you (and they!) are happy to be included, I am all in. Having your pets part of your photoshoot can be a really beautiful reminder of your family of this exact moment in time.

Newborn sessions on location

Newborn family photos, Kent photographer

In the warmer months we can happily shoot your newborn session outdoors. I’d recommend taking some layers for baby, a change of clothes for all. You simply never know when a poo-splosion will happen – trust me, I have been there with my daughter, and it’s totally going to happen at the most inopportune time. Babies somehow have a sixth sense for this sort of thing!

Make sure you grab a couple of cosy blankets to bring along – these are really versatile to use during your photoshoot – we can have you sat on them, wrapped up together in them, or lay baby on them.

I can’t wait to meet your new baby and capture beautiful portraits for your family. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch if you have ANY questions at all before your photoshoot. See you soon Xx

Outdoor newborn photos

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