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Tips to take a great selfie

Selfies. Just the word makes me groan a little. But hey, there are some occasions where its fun to share your latest hairstyle or made up face pre date night. If you are going to do it, do it right!

Here are my top tips for taking a great selfie:

1. Look for the best light. Natural daylight streaming in from your window is your best friend. Poor artificial lighting can add years to your face, and basically the camera will struggle to see you. Face the window squarely to take advantage of the best rays.

2. Check out the background. Either go for a simple non distracting background (like a plain or coloured wall), or something gosh darn gorgeous (the beach or a great view). Make sure your laundry is out of sight, and you don’t have a tree branch that appears to grow out of the top your head.

3. Lift your chin just a teeny tiny bit to eliminate any sign of a double chin (which for most people is in their imagination), keeping the camera lens level with your eyes. This give a really flattering viewpoint.

4. Natural Expression (aka ditch the duck face). Where did this weird pouty thing even begin? I don’t really get it. Trust me, just chuck any weird face contorting, lip pursing out the window. This is not how you look EVER in real life (I sincerely hope), and you don’t need it. Try a tiny half smile if extra wide grinning to yourself is just too much.

5. Have fun with it! I would love to see your improved selfie which you took using these tips, feel free to post to your Facebook / instagram and mention me (Jodi Redhouse Photography / @jodiredhousephoto) to show it off!

Happy selfie-ing,

Jodi x

how to take a great selfie, photo tipsDisclaimer! These images are not in fact selfies. They was taken by the lovely Nikki Cooper, but I think they demonstrate the tips above really well, one step short of actually pressing the shutter myself!

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