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What to do when you are feeling uninspired

You know the feeling. Much as you have tried, that lighting bolt of inspiration just refuses to strike. You have gotten bogged down by the day to day details, and lost sight of the bigger picture.
What to do when you are feeling uninspired, flowers, plant
Here’s a little peek into my brain, and some suggestions on what to do when you are feeling uninspired:
  • Go for a short walk
  • Breathe / do yoga stretches
  • Play with your dog / cat. These little guys love having a bit of attention and affection, even if it’s a short 15 minutes of play time in between your work day.
  • Hang out with your partner / kids / Mum
  • Call your bestie. You know they are going make you smile.
  • Get your desk organised. I always feel more clear headed when I can find everything that I need for the day. Or is this one just me?
  • Dance. Around your room, at a bar, in the park. Wherever you like that makes you feel good.
  • Log off from Facebook. Social media can be a real distraction, and an inspiration killer for me.
  • Show up for the things that are important. Postpone everything else.
  • Cook a delicious meal, share it with one of your favourite humans.
  • Let go of your idea of how things ‘should be’ (Cue Frozen soundtrack in my mind…)
  • Watch this TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert and recognise that inspiration doesn’t always come from inside you. As long as you show up and do the work, inspiration will find you.
I hope that helps anyone that’s in a Monday funk, hope you have a wonderful & inspiration filled week lovelies Xx
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