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The light of the sun

Meet Lia. This little one decided to make her arrival into the world a few days before her due date, just as the light of the sun kissed the earth. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far.newborn, family photos, lifestyle photography, baby photos


The last few weeks have been far beyond the steepest learning curve which Mike and I have ever experienced. There’s no rule book, no right way to do anything at all and lots of contradicting advice being thrown around. If there’s ever a time to trust your gut instinct, this is it. Let’s then throw a little sleep deprivation into the mix, and wow, that’s a whole different challenge and view on an unfamiliar world.

So this is my brief moment of taking stock in the quiet in-between. I am beyond grateful that we are both healthy and happy. Lia is a good eater (definitely my child!) & sleeper, but of course managing to keep us up during the night when both Mike and I have run out of steam. I knew this part would be hard, but the reality is that it has been far more challenging than I ever anticipated. I’m told it gets a little easier as you go – or perhaps you just learn to lean into the unknown with a little less trepidation through the weeks and months. I’m looking forward to getting to know this sweet little human, as she learns about her new world.

newborn, family photos, lifestyle photography, baby photos

I find myself just gazing at Lia in the early hours of the morning and my thoughts are far and wide. It’s that strange point in the day when it’s too early to get up but I’m far too wide awake to go back to sleep. I wonder who she’ll be, the people she’ll connect with and what light she’ll bring into the world.

Sweet dreams little one, I can’t wait for the adventures ahead.

Photo by Joanna Brown

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