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It started with a single sentence

It started with a single sentence. The words tumbled from her mouth without a moments hesitation.

“Why are you wasting your brains studying art?”

This single sentence sparked something in me nearly two decades ago. The idea that since I was one of the top of my class, I simply HAD to study something like accounts or medicine. I’ll be honest, I thought about it. Mostly on the tougher days, when there were only questions. Thoughts flitted across my mind, that maybe life would have been a little more straightforward with a more traditional path.

But there was one small problem. My heart would never be in it. Just because you are ABLE to do something, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit. There are certain things that you just HAVE to do, even it it doesn’t seem the most sensible option. For me, that is creativity and the arts. For as long as I could remember creativity has been part of my life, and this was as essential to me as oxygen.

Two Thousand And Fifteen, lifestyle photography, portrait, family photos, family, natural photos, mother and daughter photos, newborn photography, surrey photographerIt makes me sad to think that someone else could have reacted a different way to a similar sentence. Perhaps the other path was taken in an alternate world.  The one that everyone felt you SHOULD take, rather than the one that you KNOW is the right one.

Make sure you listen to that little voice in the back of your mind. You know the one. The one that speaks to you first thing in the morning, or in the shower, or on the treadmill. The one that speaks not in words, but a feeling that can’t be shaken off. The one that guides you exactly where you need to be.

And that single sentence? Today I am grateful for it. The spark ignited a small fire, which turned into a roaring blaze. That single sentence fanned the flames that brought me to this day.


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