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The Perfect Family Photo.

Family photography, mother and son, london photographer The Perfect Family Photo. Does such a thing even exist? I can whole heartedly say YES! But let me clarify this for you. Perfect is not everyone sitting together in a row, smiling politely for the camera. Perfect is not everyone in exactly matching outfits. Perfect is not everyone impeccably clean and groomed to within an inch of their life. Perfect is NOT everyone saying ‘cheese’ in unison. Perfect doesn’t mean that you have to give ONE LAST SMILE for my camera. Family photography, london photographer Perfect is massive belly laughs, perfect is mud covered boots, perfect is that wisp of hair that never seems to stay tucked behind her ear. Perfect is that moment when the family dog swipes everyone with their swinging tail. Perfect is not one single moment captured on a bit of digital film, but a series of experiences woven together by my camera and your heart. I truly believe that family photos should be a glimpse into real relationships, how things really are. Not the polished idea of what you want the world to see. So if your two year old wants to wear her purple tutu for the ENTIRE session, that’s ok with me. It’s ok if we need to take a breather, a snack break, wait for a tantrum to peter out. It’s ok if all your clothing doesn’t match perfectly. Family photography, London photographer My folks have a cupboard full of negatives and prints from when my sister and I were younger. And my favourite images which stick in my brain are not the ones where we were dressed up beautifully for a particular family function. I LOVE the one of my sister’s covered in dirt. I love the one of me adorned in what looks like a HUNDRED strings of plastic beads up my arms. The one where my three year old self is inexpertly testing my Mom’s favourite lipstick, or clip clopping around the house in her shoes.

I give you permission to be mismatched. I give you permission to be real, I give you permission to be you. I give you permission to tell me your crazy idea that you have for your family photos, even if you are quite sure it’s NEVER been done before. In fact, that kinda gives me a thrill just thinking about that. Family photography, London photographer Let do this, let’s create your idea of the perfect family photo. That one which will pull you back to that moment whenever you see it. I have to say, I CAN’T WAIT! If you have been nodding along while reading this post, I would love to hear your ideas on your perfect family photo. Feel free to email me on hello@jodiredhouse and we can spitball some cool ideas together! Much love, Jodi xx Ps. You can have a little poke around my Facebook page or my Instagram feed to see some of my latest family photography projects.

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