some fun facts

*I'm South African born and British by post code. My accent has softened over the years but I still use my old lingo. Do ask me to explain the phrases 'now now', 'lekker' and 'babalas'. 

* I like mint. I love chocolate. But NEVER together. The same goes for chocolate orange. Sorry Terry. 

* If I was a colour I would be sunshine yellow. This has not changed since I was 5 years old. 

* I am an extraverted introvert. It's totally a thing. Go figure. 

* When I'm not behind the camera you may well find me upside down in a yoga pose. 

* My eldest daughter was born on the longest and hottest day of the year. I briefly wanted to call her Summer. 

* Take me to an art gallery on our next day out and you'll be my hero. Bonus points if it's Tate Modern.

* I have an excellent Maths brain

* Brunch is my favourite meal to eat out. Everytime. Tea, eggs and all the yummy things. 

* I am 5 foot 2 and a half inches, but I always round up to 5'3" if anyone asks. I'm the exact same height as Kylie!