I've always found it a bit awkward being the centre of attention. But here we are, and you clearly want to know a little more about what makes me tick.


I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do when I finished school (who does at 17?). What I did know was that I loved being creative. There was just one small hitch. Even after a 4 year Fine Art degree, I could never see myself creating art for art's sake. I just didn't see the point. It felt self indulgent and I was frustrated with the contemporary art world's navel gazing. Somehow the real beauty and connection that drew me to it in the first place had gotten lost along the way. 

I searched for a long time, trying to work out how I could share my work in an impactful way with the world. I considered teaching, art therapy and even exhibition curation as a way to weave my working life and my creative heart together. NOTHING STUCK. I resigned myself to the idea that my career and what I loved would have to be separate parts of my life. 

In 2008, my sister visited the UK, and she brought a digital camera along as a gift. Photography in itself doesn't make my heart race, but it slowly dawned on me that photography wasn't really about taking photos. It was a tool that could translate what I was seeing and feeling. Photography enables me to tell stories in an authentic way. I doubt you care about the camera that I use to capture your images. But the heart behind it? Now that's the important part.


*Genuine connection * People's stories * Not being afraid to do things differently * Soft morning light pouring through the window * Crisp cool air * Silliness * Taking time to really be in this moment * Kindness * A hug that can turn around a bad day  * Stillness * Being ok with imperfection * Authenticity * A whole lot of heart * Honest conversation * Beauty * Family * Feeling at home * Caring about the small details *