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How family portraits boost your child’s self esteem

One of my clients told me a story about their newly framed prints. These two prints are portraits of their son and daughter. There’s an ongoing *discussion* (ahem, argument) happening in their home about how the images are going to be displayed. Yes, they are on the wall, but since they are displayed on a narrow column in their living room, the images are hung one of top of another. The big question is: whose picture goes on top? The solution was for the pictures to be switched around once a week so each child gets their picture on top for a week at a time. But the next part of the story was my favourite. When visitors come to their home, the first thing they are pointed towards (by both kiddos) is the portraits of themselves on the wall. Love it!

So how is it that family portraits can help to boost a child self esteem?

Here’s a great article by Design Aglow which goes into detail about this, including some expert’s opinions

The key points which the article makes is that by having your family photos up in your home, children learn about your unique family history, the stories around this history, as well as where they fit in. By having a tangible print up on the wall, this has a powerful sensory effect which would be lost in a digital format. Just by having the images placed somewhere prominent in your home this is sends the message: “…we love you and care about you. You’re important.”

Framed print-1_WEB

While we don’t have kids yet, I can honestly say that I love waking up every morning to the HUGE print which I have framed in our bedroom from a shoot which Mike and I had with Jo Brown. It reminds me of a fantastic day we had together just before we got engaged. It starts my day off with a massive smile and a happy heart. And who can argue with that?

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