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9 Things you don’t know about me

I love hearing about people’s idiosyncrasies, it’s always interesting to find out what makes them tick. So here are 9 things you probably don’t know about me.

1. I am 5 foot 2 1/2. I round it up to 5 foot 3.

2. During my Fine Art degree, one of the skills I learnt was arc welding.

3. I can play the acoustic guitar – mostly self taught – and right handed.

4. I am left handed. Did you know that cameras are basically designed to be used by right handed people? Often the buttons are mostly positioned along the right hand side, so I’ve learnt to adapt over the years to what feels like a right handed world.

5. I seriously considered studying medicine many moons ago. The major hitch was that I can’t STAND the sight of blood. It literally makes me queasy. Not exactly what you want your doctor to do. I am currently First Aid trained; that’s about as much as I can cope with.

6. I am obsessed with typography. I have spend way too much time looking for fonts that had the exact right ‘tone’.

7. I almost NEVER go for the chocolate dessert option. Vanilla or caramel anything is my sweet item of choice.

8. I moved to the UK at 22 years old with never having been on a long haul flight before – I packed a single suitcase and flew 12 hours North without thinking it was a big deal. Oh to be that brave always!

9. I’ve been asked more than once what my name is short for. Seriously, what are the options here?

What do people not know about you?

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