"I utterly hate being in front of the camera so I really have to face my fears when it comes to putting myself on the 'wrong' side of the lens. Jodi, you were absolutely wonderful. Really laid back and lovely and you made me feel very confident in front of the camera. Thank you!"


"I hate having my photograph taken. I changed the date of my photshoot twice before I was brave enough to take the plunge. I really should not have worried - Jodi  was an absolute dream to work with. My session was lighthearted and fun. I was guided throughout and didn't feel uncomfortable at all!


"My biggest fear was that I would look awkward in the photos. Instead, me as who I am, my warmth and energy came through in the photos so clearly. You are truly gifted in your art, and have the ability to bring out the strengths and beauty of the person you are shooting"